Jesus wants to save you - Jesus will Sie retten !
           Jesus wants to save you   -  Jesus will Sie retten !

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1. Brochure:

Future prospects and the end of time

Topics of Brochure 1:

- What kind of future can we look forward to?

- What believing Christians can except in the future?

- The sequence of events on the Last Days

- The prophecies in the Bible about the Last Days

PDF-Dokument [466.3 KB]


2. Brochure: Israel

Topics of Brochure 2:

- Israel - It is a home of the people chosen by God - the Jews

- Israel came into being like a miracle. Why did it happen?

- Information about the country

- Bless the people of Israel!

PDF-Dokument [485.1 KB]


3. Brochure: The wisdom of the Bible


Topics of Brochure 3:

- Did you know that the Bible, the Word of God, is a unique book?

- The Bible is a treasure trove of wisdom

– the Kind of Solomon

- The Psalm in the Bible comfort the believing soul, and they are also full of wisdom

PDF-Dokument [611.5 KB]


4. Brochure: Dying with Jesus

Topics of Brochure 4:


- Why we must die?


- Dying without Jesus - What is the consequence?


- Dying with Jesus - You die not alone - You have a wonderfol future


PDF-Dokument [626.5 KB]


5. Brochure: Growth in Faith

Topics of Brochure 5: 


A.) What happens, when we accept faith in Jesus

B.) How we should grow in faith?
1.) Acknowledging the greatness of God
2.) Living in sanctification
3.) Keeping his word

4.) Living in community with other Christians
5.) Jesus is the Lord

6.) The fruits of the Spirit

7.) Confessing Jesus

8.) Forms of service

9.) Learning from other Christians

10.) Jesus will come again – expect him!

11.) Further Information

Brochure 5 Growth in Faith 03.pdf
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